D.O. (Drop Out) (2008)

Jemi is a slacker whose about to get dropped out from his campus – thanks for years of repeating the classes. His one-track mind gets him to no other subjects than scoring chicks. In his final semester, Lea comes along as the new hot mentor. The old-fashioned pretty girl quickly steals Jemi’s heart. Lea and Jemi makes pact: he will teach her to be cool, and she will teach him how to pass the exams. However, Jemi also makes another pact with the devil named Dr. M, who guarantees that Jemi will never pass the test unless Lea becomes his second wife. Campus life will never be the same again.

Genre: ComedyDramaRomance

Director: Winaldha E. Melalatoa

Actors: Ben Joshua, Titi Kamal, Boyke Dian Nugraha


Runtime: 0


IMDb: 4.8