Kallang Roar The Movie (2008)

Armed with legendary players like Quah Kim Song, Rajagopal, Samad, Mat Noh, Dollah Kassim, Uncle Choo sets out an impossible journey to remind his fellow countrymen of what it meant to be a Singaporean. This is a tale about sheer grit, unbreakable will and his deep passion, unyielding struggle with society and oneself, to finally achieve glory for one’s nation through football and coined one legacy unwittingly, known to all as ‘The Kallang Roar’ which is of nothing to himself at the end of it.

Genre: Sport

Director: Cheng Ding An

Actors: Lim Kay Siu, Ram Santhanaram Jayaram, Leon Hsun Chuen Quah


Runtime: 84


IMDb: 5.3